I have recently completed my master's degree in Computer Game Studies and currently looking for an exciting job in various fields of game development or game culture.

Co- Founded Pixel Beef Games and working since then as a Game and Level Designer. We released our first game xDasher on October 14th on Steam.

Released Games

Prototypes/Vertical Slices

Unfold (PC)

Unfold is an action-adventure in which you control the main character Ten, a self-confident 17-year-old girl, from a third-person perspective and accompany her on her adventure. Unfold is about learning the different fighting and puzzle skills of the different races in a fantasy world, which was heavily devastated by a tragic event 100 years ago and is completely made of paper, and thus seeing more of that world. The quintessence of the game is on a gameplay level the personal progress of Ten, who not only becomes stronger and more refined in combat by learning the skills, but also gets more and more possibilities to move through the world, fight enemies and solve puzzles.

Space Shooter (Google Daydream)

  • I did: Game Design, VR Programming
  • Made with Unity3D, C#
  • Development time: 150 h
  • Solo Project
  • Prototype
  • Video: Demonstration in gamereel

Space Shooter is a VR shooter for the Google Daydream system. This project was developed in the context of a seminar in the course of studies of computer game science. The focus was to get familiar with a new topic and to create a work piece in a short time. The main focus was the programming for Daydream VR.

All assets come from external sources.

Game Jams

Stay in my ***ing house! (PC)

Asymmetric local co-op multiplayer game in which two players need to cooperate to escape an abandoned looking castle. But they are not alone! The current resident doesn’t want them to leave and chases them down throughout the many rooms and floors. To succeed and finally be free in their afterlife the lost souls must find items from their former lifes and bring back order before dawn breaks and their nightly time is up.

What the wave! (PC)

A game which let’s you feel and experience the pain and the greatness of sensual overload and feedback. This may not be appropriate for people with photosensitivity. What a Wave! is a two-dimensional, time-critical party game for exact four players.

Merge Conflict (PC)

  • I did: Game Design, Music
  • Made with Unity3D, C#, Milkytracker
  • Development time: 48 h
  • Game Jam
  • Play on: itch.io

Each player has to collect three geometric shapes in the specified colors. To merge them you have to pick matching fragments and send them to the center of the screen by pressing the according key on your keyboard. A merged shape will always be assigned to the player who placed the first fragment.

More Games