“What the Wave!” – Global Game Jam 2017

My range of tasks: Game Design, Programming, Working with AirConsole

A game which let’s you feel and experience the pain and the greatness of sensual overload and feedback. This may not be appropriate for people with photosensitivity. What a Wave! is a two-dimensional, time-critical party game for exact four players. It requires an internet connection via Wi-Fi a PC as well as a smartphone for each player. Furthermore it is recommended to use the AirConsole App on mobile devices, but playing via the mobile browser on smartphones is also possible.

How To Play: When started via the link at the bottom, the game will ask the players to join with their smartphones by typing the displayed code in the input filed of the AirConsole App or of the AirConsole browser interface. After each of the four players joined, the game can be started by Player One. Then every round the game will display a statement, which either ask the choosen player to tap on the button on his smartphone screen or not. This statement can be simple (e.g. “Tap! or “Tap not!”) or more complex (e.g. “Tap, if Donald Trump is president of the United States of America!”). Each player has a time limit of 5 seconds to decide to tap or not tap on the button- If the player succeeds he/she lives for another round, if not he/she’s WASTED.


Play here! (4 Players with 4 Smartphones required!)

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